New CMCP7504 Housings

STI’s CMCP7504H Housings allow users to install multiple CMCP7504’s in one location. A single power supply and intermediate terminal blocks are provided for ease of wiring. All enclosures are provided with a plexiglass viewing window and are available in Fiberglass, Painted Steel and Stainless Steel. Prior to being delivered STI will install the CMCP7504’s in the enclosure and prewire the inputs at no additional cost.



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May 2019 New Product Release!


STI is proud to announce that our new CMCP601M Mini Rotor Kit is now available! The CMCP601M is a battery powered, compact version of our popular CMCP601. The mini rotor kit comes complete with a carrying case, multiple bearing types, battery, charger and various accessories. The CMCP601M is the ideal rotor kit for trade shows, conventions and sales demonstrations! Follow the link below for more information!